My 21 Notes on Columbia University, School of Journalism’s 2013 Social Media Weekend

By Roman Cid
Partner at Infinity Media

I guess that one of the core values of our team is professional development. Before starting to grow Infinity Media together my partners and I shared (and we still do) a great desire for continuing education and professional development, especially events pertinent to our high-tech interests—oh, and we’re all in love with the latest trends in Social Media most especially.

We discovered Social Media Weekend at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2012. Imagine the excitement of a room full of journalists and “techies” sharing their passion and emotion for new media; all while hanging out with the cream of the crop Social Media players from tech start-up companies. It’s all worth it.

We couldn’t miss the 2013 version. We had the opportunity to be part of an amazing weekend of new global Social Media trends. Last year I started the tradition of collecting the most important takeaways – in the form of short bullet points – from the conference. In 2012, I had compiled “20 takeaways”. This year we have 21…

Please scroll down and don’t be surprised if you find some of these bullets relevant to other areas of life not exclusive to Social Media based journalism itself. Enjoy!

  1. "Almost everyone, will miss, almost everything, you do on Social Media" @Sree.
  2. Social Media is changing constantly. Can somebody say that he or she knows all there is to know about it already? Not yet.
  3. The mobile revolution is about to lift off; if not, it’s almost reaching mars.
  4. Keep relevant or die trying.
  5. Having a Gmail/Google account is a must.
  6. The future of media as @steverubel sees it, in one word: convergence.
  7. Analyzing data is vital to know what is good, what is wrong, and how we’re doing.
  8. Be encouraged to share – consciously -.
  9. Be active, consistent and responsive.
  10. Social Media has brought communication closer. From press releases to one-to-one contact.
  11. Bring value to any interaction you are part of.
  12. Social search (i.e. Facebook’s Graph Search) is going to become more relevant in 2013-2014.
  13. If information is spreading faster, you’d better get it right.
  14. Twitter has changed the way governments and communities communicate. We are getting closer to immediacy.
  15. According to Mark S. Luckie, Director of News at Twitter, there are six fundamental ways to harness Twitter’s power: "Listen, Find sources, Promote your work, Create conversations, Amplify voices & Connect opinions".
  16. Act, don’t postpone.
  17. Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences.
  18. "We (Journalists) need to get better at being faster" @DavidClinchNews
  19. Learning how to manage online privacy is vital: Assume that everyone can see everything.
  20. Everybody online should be actively involved on social media.
  21. New media is becoming a complete toolset for managing crisis.

Want to know more about any of these 21 points in particular? Hit me at the comments section below. I’ll be watching for you…

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