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John understands the complexities of political systems and how they impact elections. He has extensive experience working with elected officials and knows what it takes to win elections. Read my full bio.

We’re at the Upper floor of The Newseum in Washington DC (News Museum) for what Politico newspaper calls its PoliticoPro Events on energy. The discussion peaks, and all of the sudden, I can’t seem to get out of my head that 1985 Aretha Franklin song “Who’s Zoomin’ Who”. Did that ever happen to you? Random song just pops into your head, and for no reason.

But this time, I think there was a reason. The question really is: Who IS zooming who when it comes to energy and climate? Who’s making progress (however that may be defined)? The US or China? Congress or the Obama Administration? Business or Government? Who has reducing carbon emissions more as priority?

So it’s early 2012. I’m in an Ivy League looking ballroom filled to the brim with 500 eager Social Media-maniacs at Columbia University’s School of Journalism. It was Social Media Weekend. It wasn’t your average academic conference. Suddenly, the conference’s leader (named “Sree”) screams, “Everyone, everyone, we are ‘trending’ in New York!” (Note for you non-Twitterites: Sree was referring to the countless number of Twitter messages we were collectively generating with hashtag #smwknd, which garnered us the junior G-Man “trending” badge in Twitterlandia).

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