El término “Storytelling”, préstamo del Inglés para Narrar historias, es una palabra con la que intentamos describir el emocionante proceso de contar una historia. En la República Dominicana tal vez esta palabra prestada no sea muy común, aunque sin lugar a dudas, para nadie es un secreto que somos un país inagotable cuando se trata de historias.

La mayoría hemos escuchado esas interminables historias que nos cuentan nuestros abuelos cuando los visitamos, sobre cómo era la vida en el pasado o tal vez aquella alegoría entretenida de las muchas que se escuchan desde antaño. Tan rico en historias somos que hasta la multiforme poesía ha sido sierva de aquellos que con empeño han dibujado en nuestra imaginación los atardeceres de aquel país colocado en el mismo trayecto del sol.

We’re at the Upper floor of The Newseum in Washington DC (News Museum) for what Politico newspaper calls its PoliticoPro Events on energy. The discussion peaks, and all of the sudden, I can’t seem to get out of my head that 1985 Aretha Franklin song “Who’s Zoomin’ Who”. Did that ever happen to you? Random song just pops into your head, and for no reason.

But this time, I think there was a reason. The question really is: Who IS zooming who when it comes to energy and climate? Who’s making progress (however that may be defined)? The US or China? Congress or the Obama Administration? Business or Government? Who has reducing carbon emissions more as priority?

I guess that one of the core values of our team is professional development. Before starting to grow Infinity Media together my partners and I shared (and we still do) a great desire for continuing education and professional development, especially events pertinent to our high-tech interests—oh, and we’re all in love with the latest trends in Social Media most especially.

So it’s early 2012. I’m in an Ivy League looking ballroom filled to the brim with 500 eager Social Media-maniacs at Columbia University’s School of Journalism. It was Social Media Weekend. It wasn’t your average academic conference. Suddenly, the conference’s leader (named “Sree”) screams, “Everyone, everyone, we are ‘trending’ in New York!” (Note for you non-Twitterites: Sree was referring to the countless number of Twitter messages we were collectively generating with hashtag #smwknd, which garnered us the junior G-Man “trending” badge in Twitterlandia).

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