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Political Messaging

The most difficult question candidates receive on the campaign trail is: “why are you running?” Infinity Media specializes in helping candidates find their message. Why are you running? What is your story? Voters vote with their hearts, not their minds. Numbers and facts, policies and positions, are all less important if you do not have an emotional argument for “why me” versus “why not” the other candidate. Infinity Media develops a message that serves as a narrative for the entire campaign and drives the campaign’s communications strategy. Spoiler alert: the campaign message is not a slogan.

Press Relations

Press Relations are relations with the press. It may sound simple; but today with Social Media on the rise, there are new opportunities for getting your company, campaign, or organization to scroll across the computer screens of journalists. Infinity Media’s extensive global network of press media, and experience in storytelling and Social Media, helps connect partners’ interests to important media outlets.

Corporate Communications

Corporations need campaigns too, especially if the company is public. And if it’s not, that doesn’t mean your company shouldn’t be on the offensive promoting its brand to the right target audience, enriching the company’s reputation; and responding effectively to stakeholders including employees, customers, and shareholders. Infinity Media helps clients develop corporate communications strategy that protects the company’s brand and ensures sustainable value creation. Infinity Media’s team specializes in the development of “Corporate Responsibility Reporting” and “Investor Relations”.

Infinity Media USA LLC

Infinity Media is a story-telling firm specializing in the creation of compelling stories and communicating them digitally with multiplatform technologies and Social Media channels.