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  • Digital Media

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Branding & Graphic Design

What’s your look? What’s your identity? How do you feel? You got flow? Your brand is the first thing your company, campaign, or organization needs. It’s the first step of your marketing strategy, campaign, or advocacy plan and you must get off on the right foot. Specializing in branding and graphic design, Infinity Media, has made clients happy by effectively creating logos; combining them with vibrant colors and digital images, and positioning them all on media platforms.

Web Design & Development

If your web design doesn’t look modern and vibrant, either does your business, campaign, or organization. Infinity Media takes Web Design and Development seriously. Our clients and partners have realized that the websites we’ve designed, are not only creative art, but also effective mechanical tools.


Once upon a time, the World Wide Web was something you would read. That ancient era is quickly slipping away. Today, if you are not speaking with digital images, you’re not communicating. Infinity Media’s products are multiplatform; and that means photographic imagery is the bedrock of our digital media.

Social Media Marketing & Consultancy

The broadcast era has corrupted everyone from newspaper executives to politicians to professors of communication. The era of one-way communication has come and gone. No longer is communication a one-way road. Today, if your communication is not interactive and based on relationships—driven by new Social Media technologies—you can forget about your business thriving, your campaign winning, or your advocacy agenda achieving its goal. Infinity Media believes Social Media is the new and only media.

Email Marketing

Although people are starting to receive their information from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other media channels, email still remains a vital tool in your campaign toolbox and marketing arsenal. Infinity Media helps partners blast emails to target audiences by way of email platforms like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc.

Social Media Management

Managing your Social Media community of followers, friends, likes, shares, check-ins and visits is the new game of survival in marketing and campaigns. It’s become a full-time job, a new science, and an art for those who are able to do it in a manner that keeps everyone hanging on, engaged, and interested. Infinity Media specializes in combining engaging content, stories, and the latest techniques in Social Media to keep your followers and friends liking and visiting frequently.

Web Analytics & Social Media Monitoring

Big data is the new buzzword. The Internet—and your Social Media community—have become one big database that can tell you many things about your business strategy, political campaign, or advocacy plan. Infinity Media has helped clients monitor the feelings and sentiments of consumers, voters, and stakeholders.

Customized Apps for your Brand

Your marketing strategy, campaign, or advocacy plan may need a customized mobile application to collect data, communicate with customers, stakeholders, supporters or voters; or solve a problem.  Infinity Media has developed and implemented Google-based mobile technology applications for clients. Infinity Media’s Election Day Reporting Application (EDRA) has received data from campaign staff positioned at numerous Voting Poll Sites designated by the Board of Elections throughout New York City to deploy staff and refine, in real-time, Election Day operations strategy.


Consultancy firms are everywhere. But, isn’t it better to have your own capacity in house? Wouldn’t you want your internal staff to better understand what your consultants are talking about? Infinity Media has made trainings a big part of our business. While it may not be the most financially advantageous business model, it has proved to be a smart decision that responds to our clients and partners needs.

Infinity Media USA LLC

Infinity Media is a story-telling firm specializing in the creation of compelling stories and communicating them digitally with multiplatform technologies and Social Media channels.